Adjustable Axillary Support Device

The Shoulder-Float™ Adjustable Axillary Support Device is designed to relieve a patient’s shoulder discomfort during surgical procedures performed in the lateral decubitus position. The device can be adjusted throughout a procedure to maintain an even weight distribution, bringing dramatic improvement in patient comfort without having to manually lift or move the patient.


The device is useful during total hip replacement, thoracotomy, shoulder arthroscopy and kidney surgery. It can benefit mildly sedated patients undergoing epidural anesthesia and patients undergoing lengthy procedures. The device is adjustable as needed to achieve adequate decompression and to account for changing pressure on the brachial plexus and axillary artery.

Technique for Using the Shoulder-Float™ Adjustable Axillary Support Device





1. Align the device with the appropriate area of the patient's body.

2. Use two hands (as shown), or one hand if desired, to slide the uninflated Shoulder-Float  beneath the patient's body.

3. Be certain the device is laying flat and in the desired position under the patient.

4. Inflate the Shoulder-Float Device. Check the shoulder for compression and adjust pressure accordingly.

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